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Soviet car industry

The nation of handymen

Soviet car industry

The Soviet people could buy only a few domestically produced models and the waiting list was several years long.

Behind carefully barred borders, the automotive industry developed differently to the free market. Technology fell behind; automobile models were often copied from foreign originals.

A personal car was every Soviet citizen’s dream. However, the Soviet Union produced few passenger cars, and purchasing foreign cars was forbidden in the USSR.

The exposition presents the available people’s cars cherished in the Soviet state – Moskviches, Zaparozhets, Volgas and Pobedas, which could be received after waiting in a queue for several years.


To get a sense of the past era, visitors can virtually look into the windows of a Soviet-era block housing estate – observe its inhabitants’ modest living, and its often peculiar, but, in spite of the system’s strict limitations, generally joyful lifestyle.