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Trucks and special purpose vehicles

The underrated ones

Trucks and special purpose vehicles

The collection exhibits are true “cart-horses”, which, although have faithfully served mankind at different times and for various purposes, often remain underrated and unnoticed behind the glory of passenger cars.

The splendor of the unique Renault FU truck built in France in 1919 is astonishing, with its solid rubber tires, huge cast iron wheels and 7 ton head weight.


Among the firefighting engines, the Magirus M45L stands out – a monument of Latvian technical history – the most advanced pre-war vehicle in the Baltics, which the city of Riga commissioned from the German company C.D. Magirus A.G. Ulm-Donau in 1935 for the needs of its fire-fighting services.

Concluding the Museum visit, you have the opportunity to take a seat in a PAZ bus and virtually take a fun ride to a 70s Kolhoz wedding.